“Elvis : Caught In A Trap” book

“Elvis : Caught In A Trap” book
Rock Legend Publications

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When this book was published by us in ’02, it was often referred to as ‘the book event of the year’, and not without reason. This fabulous Elvis book contains some of the most amazing Elvis photos ever taken, including about a dozen of Elvis performing on stage with a toy monkey on his back, and coming on stage on Lamar Fike’s back! In all, there are around 135 Elvis Presley photographs in this book, 80 of which are in full color.

These unique Elvis Presley photos were taken by renowned Dutch rock photographer Laurens van Houten, and the majority of them have never been published. They were taken at several concerts during Elvis’ Summer Festival in Las Vegas in August / September 1973, and really capture the drama and excitement of Elvis in concert. The September 3rd, 1973 Closing Show is regarded by many as the most remarkable and unusual show that Elvis ever gave, and there are many stunning shots from that show in this book.

The remaining shots are not quite as bizarre, but they are also quite special in that they really capture the energy, excitement and drama of Elvis in concert. We were able to work from the original negatives for “Elvis: Caught In A Trap”, thus ensuring optimal quality.

Laurens van Houten’s Elvis photographs are complemented by his detailed account of seeing and photographing Elvis in Las Vegas as written by Arjan Deelen, fascinating observations from Elvis’ musicians about the Vegas years, and an insightful introduction by Elvis’ piano-player and arranger Glen D. Hardin. The book also contains memorabilia relating to these concerts, like original reviews and clippings, advertisements for the shows, Las Vegas Hilton Menus, original Hilton reservations for the shows, various Dutch magazine covers from the 70’s featuring Laurens van Houten’s Elvis photography, and more.

‘”Elvis: Caught in a Trap” oozes quality: it is excellently bound, with illustrated boards and saddle stitching; the photographs are printed on equally excellent paper and the text is well written. The title, incidentally, refers to Elvis’s professional plight at the time the photographs were taken and is very well explained by Arjan Deelen in his own foreword, that provides a superb idea of Elvis’s struggle at the time’. – David Neale, Elvis Australia website

‘Obviously a lot of effort was put in the book and that really shows. It stands out from a lot of other themed concert books, almost regarding anything. We can only say that when you like Elvis in the 70’s this book is a must, without any doubt!’ – ElvisNews.com